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  Channel State Dependent Resource Scheduling for Wireless Message Transport with Framed ALOHA-Reservation Access Protocol(Special Section on Multi-dimensional Mobile Information Networks)

概要Channel-state-dependent (CSD) radio-resource scheduling algorithms for wireless ......
著者 INOUE Masugi 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on fundamentals of electronics, communications and computer sciences E83-A(7), 1338-1346, 2000-07-25

  Finite Element Crash Analysis of Framed Structures by the Adaptively Shifted Integration Techique

概要In the present study, each member of a framed structure is subdivided with two l......
著者 Toi Yutaka  Lee Jeoung-Gwen 
掲載論文集JSME international journal. Series A, Solid mechanics and material engineering 43(3), 242-251, 2000-07-15

  Framed Knowledge Base in Engineering Database Thesaurus

概要Innovations for a database thesaurus must be vigorously pursued in the next deca......
著者 TAKECHI Hideio  TAKAHASHI Yasuo  INOUE Katunori 
掲載論文集JSME international journal. Series C, Mechanical systems, machine elements and manufacturing 43(1), 190-197, 2000-03-15

  FAILURE EXPERIENCE IN HANSHIN GREAT EARTHQUAKE On Brittle Fracture of Steel Framed Structures

著者 TOYODA Masao 
掲載論文集Materials science research international 1(3), 198-199, 1995-09-15

  "Fundamental theory of computer program, EPASS, for applying elasto-plastic and finite displacement analysis to spatial framed steel bridges"

著者 "Kitada Toshiyuki  Nakai Hiroshi  Tanaka Katsuhiro" 
掲載論文集Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Osaka City University 39, 53-69, 1998-12

  9. Shifted Integration Technique and its Applications to the Finite Element Crush Analysis of Framed Structures

概要The present study is concerned with the shifted integration technique in one-dim......
著者 TOI Yutaka  YANG Hong-Jong 
掲載論文集Naval architecture and ocean engineering 29, 113-127, 1991

  Binary codes and the classification of holomorphic framed vertex operator algebras (Combinatorial Representation Theory and Related Topics)

著者 Lam Ching Hung  Yamauchi Hiroshi 
掲載論文集RIMS Kokyuroku Bessatsu B8, 131-150, 2008-05

  Finite Element Collapse Analysis of Framed Structures by the Shifted Integration Technique

概要The present study is concerned with the finite element collapse analysis of fram......
著者 Toi Yutaka 
掲載論文集Technical bulletin of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai 10, 1-14, 1992-09

  Analysis of dynamic stability of framed structures

概要An analytical method of dynamic instability of three-dimensional framed structur......
著者 AIDA Tadayoshi 
掲載論文集Technology reports of the Yamaguchi University 1(5), 537-552, 1976-12

  General Yielding Fracture Behavior of Welding Component in Steel Framed Structure (Part 2) : Influence of defect location, joint width and part-through-thickness defects on joints performance

著者 Satoh Kunihiko  Toyoda Masao  Okamoto Shuhei 
掲載論文集Transactions of the Japan Welding Society 13(2), 67, 1982-10-01