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  OS5(1)-3(OS05W0282) Sensitive Mapping of Nano-Scale Elasticity Using Contact Resonance of a Mass-Concentrating AFM Cantilever

著者 Muraoka Mikio  Kamata Hiroki 
掲載論文集Abstracts of ATEM : International Conference on Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics : Asian Conference on Expe

  Measurements of the resonance frequencies and the reed vibration of the sho

著者 Hikichi Takafumi  Osaka Naotoshi 
掲載論文集Acoustical science and technology 23(1), 25-27, 2002

  Interior acoustical resonance of centrifugal compressors

著者 Takano Yasushi  Kobayashi Hiromi 
掲載論文集Acoustical science and technology 23(3), 179-180, 2002-05

  Sound timbre control using estimates of room resonance modes

概要We propose a sound-timbre control technique that uses estimates of the resonance......
著者 Hikichi Takafumi  Miyoshi Masato 
掲載論文集Acoustical science and technology 27(5), 257-263, 2006-09

  Experimental study on resonance frequency of loop-tube-type thermoacoustic cooling system(<Special issue>introduction to the amazing world of sounds with demonstrations)

概要The relationship between the viscosity boundary layer and the resonance frequenc......
著者 Sakamoto Shin-ichi  Watanabe Yoshiaki 
掲載論文集Acoustical science and technology 27(6), 361-365, 2006-11

  Estimation of area function from 3-D magnetic resonance images of vocal tract using finite element method(ACOUSTICAL LETTER)

著者 Mochizuki Keita  Nakai Takayoshi 
掲載論文集Acoustical science and technology 28(5), 346-348, 2007-09

  Nondestructive Evaluation of Pipe-Shaped Structured Materials by the Use of Acoustic Resonance Excited by Photoacoustic Effect(NDE1)

概要Nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of a pipe-shaped specimen was performed by the u......
著者 ISHIKAWA Ken-ya  KIKUCHI Satoshi  HOSHIMIYA Tsutomu 
掲載論文集APCFS & ATEM 1(01-203), 162-166, 2001-10-20

  Floating Free Resonance Method for Precise Evaluation of Bearing Balls(NDE3)

概要Although the resonant ultrasound spectroscopy (RUS) is useful for efficient test......
著者 YAMANAKA Kazushi  SAITO Arata  ISHIKAWA Satoru  CHO Hideo 
掲載論文集APCFS & ATEM 1(01-203), 228-231, 2001-10-20

  New Resonance Type Fatigue Testing Machine

概要A new direct stress fatigue testing machine which operates in a perfectly resona......
著者 KAWAMOTO Minoru  TANAKA Tsuneshichi  IBUKI Yukihiko 
掲載論文集Bulletin of JSME 7(28), 645-648, 1964-11

  The Acoustic Resonance in a Tube Bank

概要In this investigation experimental studies on the acoustic resonance are underta......
著者 FUNAKAWA Masaya  UMAKOSHI Ritsuro 
掲載論文集Bulletin of JSME 13(57), 348-355, 1970-03
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