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  A Fault-Tolerant Wormhole Routing Algorithm in Two Dimensional Mesh Networks

概要We propose a fault-tolerant routing algorithm for 2D meshes. Our routing algorit......
著者 KIM Jinsoo  KIM Ji-Yun  YOON Hyunsoo  MAENG Seung Ryoul 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on information and systems E81-D(6), 532-544, 1998-06-25

  Fault-Tolertant Adaptive Wormhole Routing in 2D Mesh

概要A fault-tolerant wormhole routing algorithm on mesh-connected processors is prop......
著者 KIM Seong-Pyo  HAN Taisook 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on information and systems E81-D(10), 1064-1071, 1998-10-25

  A Fault-Tolerant Deadlock-Free Multicast Algorithm for Wormhole Routed Hypercubes

概要In this paper, we propose a novel fault-tolerant multicast algorithm for n-dimen......
著者 WANG Shih-Chang  LIN Jeng-Ping  KUO Sy-Yen 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on information and systems E82-D(3), 677-686, 1999-03-25

  Complete Exchange Algorithms in Wormhole-Routed Torus Networks

概要We present efficient all-to-all personalized communication algorithms for a 2D t......
著者 KIM Si-Gwan  MAENG Seung Ryoul  CHO Jung Wan 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on information and systems E83-D(4), 766-776, 2000-04-25

  An Improvement of Tree-Based Multicasting for Irregular Switch-Based Networks with Wormhole Routing

概要Is this paper, we propose as efficient dual-tree-based multicasting scheme with ......
著者 WANG Nen-Chung  CHEN Tzung-Shi  CHU Chih-Ping 
掲載論文集IEICE transactions on information and systems E85-D(5), 812-823, 2002-05-01

  Creation of Wormholes by First Order Phase Transition of a Vacuum in the Early Universe

概要We show the universe may contain Schwarzschild wormholes by the first order phas......
著者 SATO Katsuhiko  SASAKI Misao  KODAMA Hideo  MAEDA Kei-ichi 
掲載論文集Progress of theoretical physics 65(4), 1443-1446, 1981-04-25

  Fate of Wormholes Created by First-Order Phase Transition in the Early Universe

概要It has been pointed out recently that wormholes and black holes are created by c......
著者 KODAMA Hideo  SASAKI Misao  SATO Katsuhiko  MAEDA Kei-ichi 
掲載論文集Progress of theoretical physics 66(6), 2052-2072, 1981-12-25

  Wormhole and Hawking Radiation

概要It is shown in a two dimensional dilaton gravity theory that the gravitational c......
著者 HOTTA Masahiro  YOSHIMURA Motohiko 
掲載論文集Progress of theoretical physics 91(1), 181-186, 1994-01-25

  Dynamical Wormholes and Energy Conditions

概要A class of exact solutions of the Einstein field equations representing non-stat......
著者 WANG Anzhong  LETELIER Patricio S. 
掲載論文集Progress of theoretical physics 94(1), 137-142, 1995-07-25

  Mobile-Wormhole Device : DLNA情報家電の相互遠隔接続支援機構の携帯端末への応用(UBI-1【ホームネットワーク/実世界インタフェース】)

著者 小山 卓視  呉 敬源  武藤 大悟  吉永 努 
掲載論文集情報処理学会研究報告. MBL, [モバイルコンピューティングとユビキタス通信研究会研究報告] 2008(18), 1-8, 2008-02-27